Caturday Feline Funnies For A Pawsitive Weekend 🤣😹

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Seriously, take a break from life, sit back, and enjoy these purely pawsitive cat memes. You have earned this treat. As you scroll through this wholesomeness, the madness of life will fade into the background, and instead, your mind will be filled with the chaos and shenanigans of cats instead. Much better that way.

From the lounging single brain-celled orange cat who may or may not have broken a concrete bench, to the feline pawrent who has turned himself into cat man, to the feline sibling rivalry that has spilled over into the office, to the evolutionary void how has learned to stand hooman-style. These goofy and naughty kitties are the purrfect inspiration to release your work week frustrations and embrace your wild side.

As you peruse these captivating photographs, you'll soon realize the challenge they present: locating the cunning cat hidden within each scene. Indeed, some images remain unsolved mysteries, prompting us to wonder if, as the account's title suggests, "there is no cat in this image" after all. We suggest gathering a few friends and embarking on a joint mission to uncover these hidden mischief-makers in the amusing snapshots that follow. Prepare for a delightful journey of discovery!