Caturday Feline Funnies For A Purrfect Day 😸🤣

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How far would you go to help your cat? How much risk would you be willing to take to save your cat's life if it was at risk? Would you be willing to get into a high speed chase with police officers, then get tased, arrested and fined for it? Because Timothy Butler was willing to do it all. We, here at ICanHas, hear about all kinds of sweet cat rescue stories all the time, but we have never come across a story like this one.

Rise and shine, sleepyheads! We all know the struggle of dragging ourselves out of bed and hitting that snooze button one too many times. While brewing our morning brew, we took a moment to curate a collection of equally energizing and adorable cat memes to accompany our coffee ritual, and to share with all of you lovely folks. We suggest enjoying these floofy delights alongside your favorite cup of joe. Cheers!

This message is abundantly clear in a Reddit post where a new cat father asked for advice, and the cat community rallied together to offer guidance. Whether you're a first-time cat owner, haven't had a cat in a while, or simply want to refresh your knowledge with new tips to enhance your furry friend's life, keep scrolling for over 30 top pieces of advice for raising a purrfectly healthy feline.

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