Caturday Feline Funnies For A Purrfect Weekend 🤣😹

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Whenever we need a little extra serotonin, we look no further than the site we call home, ICanHasCheezburger. The sheer magnitude of cat meme listicles we produce is insane, but in the best way possible, of course. We do it all with love, to keep our readers happy and inundated with cat content. Because it's all about the little things in life, like cats, cat memes, funny cat pictures, and so much more.

These purrfectly funny feline photos are sure to lift your spirits with a surplus of silly. Silly what, you may ask? Silly everything! Silly kitty faces, cats caught in silly shenanigans, silly close-up photos of cats (we love that 0.5x camera angle), and anything else you can think of. A meowrning full of happiness is just a scroll away, so what are you waiting for?

All kinds of crazy stories have crossed our paths, but none quite as crazy as the one we have for you today. We cannot imagine being in this situation. To have someone that we love, someone that we have agreed to spend the rest of our lives with, just… out of the blue, decide to get rid of our cat… That's just evil. Yeah, we understand why this led to the wedding being cancelled.

Check your whimsical whisker wisdom with these furbulous feline trivia questions ⬇️

In ancient Egyptian mythology, which goddess is often depicted with the head of a lioness?

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How did you do? Be sure to check next week for more cat content and have an ameowzing weekend!