Caturday Lols & Meowtastic Memes 😹🥸

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Caturday simply has to start with some funny cat memes. It's tradition. It's impurrtant. Starting your Caturday with the best cat memes of the week is the purrfect way to kick this day off on the right paw. We hope you enjoy these feline funnies, friends, and have a supurrb Caturday!

Life would be boring without cats, right? What would you do without the meowgical symphony of items clanging to the floor from the other room, or the sound of a cat sprinting at top speed around the house for no reason whatsoever? Our cats keep us on our toe (beans), and although they may make our lives comically chaotic, we can't imagine living without them.

The stunning hairless sphynxes - probably one of the least appreciated cats, and it's all because they're hairless and look a bit like raw chicken. But you know what? We think that chickens are awesome, and cats are pawsome, so a cat that looks like a raw chicken could only be pawsome squared.

Shelter Spotlight 🔦😸

PuppyKittyNYCity, an NYC animal rescue, prioritizes street rescue, complex medical cases, and rehabilitating homeless cats. Our mission: never refusing an animal in need, encompassing cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and retired research animals. Our rescues range from a hefty 70lb Pitbull to two petite white retired research rats. In NYC, the influx of street cats has surged to crisis levels, necessitating urgent action. Through rescue efforts, we address this pressing issue, providing sanctuary and medical care. Our goal extends beyond mere rescue; we aim to cultivate a compassionate community where every creature, regardless of size or species, finds refuge.