Caturday Memes for a Purrfect Weekend 😹😂

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We can't stop your boss from calling you into work tomorrow, but we can give you a hissterical cat that wins at Uno to help you laugh through the pain of getting ready for work. And, we can make your commute a little easier by showing off some cute cats in Crocs that have serious "drip" (it's a word the kids are using these days). Long story short, if you were looking for some good and funny cats to make the start of your week more pawsitive, you found them!

While you scroll through these fantastic images, you will find that it can be quite difficult to locate the cat within the image, there are a few that we still haven't managed to find a cat so we are convinced that much like the title of the account states, 'there is no cat in this image'. We recommend grabbing a few friends and huddling around the computer screen to locate these masters of mischief in the following funny photos! Enjoy!

Today you’ll be diving into a supremely silly situation - where a kitten who spent his whole short life around dogs growing up into thinking that he is a large doggo. And yes, we promise you that this is both the cutest and the silliest thing that you will see all day long.

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