Caturday Memes Galore & Purrfect Feline Funnies ๐Ÿ“ฅ๐Ÿ˜น

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Scrolling through cat memes is what cat people like us really want to do in our hearts. And Caturday gives us the opportunity to do that - to enjoy the best cat memes of the week without shame of judgment. Hey, here, we even save you the work of having to look for these memes yourselves and just serve them up to you like freshly minted newspapers on a street corner. Have a purrfect day, everyone!

We're not sure how Bruce came to be, but we sure are happy he's here. It's not every day you see a cat with a tuxedo head and a tabby body! He's like the opposite of a mullet because his tuxedo mask is bringing the party and his floofy, fuzzy tabby backside is all about business. Click below to see some more pictures of Bruce and how everyone reacted to this ridiculously rare specimen of cuteness!

One boomer dad volunteered to cat-sit for his kid, the cat's parents received a series of hilarious boomer-style photo updates that needed to be shared with the wide expanse of the internet. And for this, we are thankful to the cat's parents. Dad sent various photo updates, at least two out of four of them were thoroughly blurry, and the others featured half a slice of Dad's face. We would expect nothing less than hilarious, and nothing less than hilarious we received. Regardless of the style of photo updates, it's abundantly evident that the cat in question was having a grand old time with her sitter.