Caturday Memes + Shelter Spotlight 😸🔦

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Did you see the forecast for this week? It showed a 100% chance of feline funnies and we thought you should know about it! This silly storm has winds of up to 3 AM-zoomies MPH, which we all know is the fastest thing on this earth. Prepurr yourself for cat memes aplenty, they're purractically going to be falling from the sky!

In our next story, a woman and her family encountered a survivalist orange cat with the heart of a lion who stumbled upon their house in -20°F weather. After Harry the orange cat discovers his new furrever home, cat lovers rejoice at the beauty of one woman's generosity and the power of the purrfect storm.

Encountering a 'not my cat' unfolds as a uniquely delightful experience. Initially, it warms the heart—a sense of being chosen and honored as the temporary haven for the feline's fleeting visit. Enjoy this purrfectly silly collection of 'not my car' moments in which humans were blessed with an unexpected feline guest.

Shelter Spotlight 🔦😸

Friends of Normie is both a cat rescue organization and a business selling safe and sustainable cat products. Our goal behind it all is to provide safety to as many cats as possible, which is why 20% of our sales go right back to funding rescue efforts. Since launching our rescue in 2020, we have rescued and adopted out almost 4 thousand cats from the streets. All of our cats are in foster homes, and we are always looking for new fosters to join our team!