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We don't know about you, but we're ready for the groundhog to see his shadow already. Let's leave behind these gray, cloudy skies and embrace some meowtastic moments of purrfect pawsitivity. If we can't change the weather ourselves, we'll make our own sunshine with some hilarious cat memes! They always make us feel better and know how to turn a day grumpier than Grumpy Cat into a forecast of feline funnies with a 100% chance of pawsitivity.

This kitty started waiting at his old back door for its owner to come back… not knowing that the owner never would. One week later, a kind hooman decided to make it their mission to find this cat a loving, long-term home with someone who would never do something like that to it again. The internet wholesomely banded together, and lucky for this cat, some heartwarming proposals were made.

Today we are featuring a heartwarming helping of hilarious cat memes featuring felines engaging in totally normal feline behavior: being perfect little angels and not getting into any mischief whatsoever… SIKE. Cat memes are the ultimate recipe for success, whenever our serotonin levels are depleted or simply running low, we run to the first cat meme listicle we can find and indulge! Now, it's your turn to do the same.

Check your whimsical whisker wisdom with these furbulous feline trivia questions ⬇️

Which event in the Cat Olympics tests cats' swimming abilities as they race against each other in a pool?

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How did you do? Be sure to check next week for more cat content and have an ameowzing weekend!