Feline Funnies For a Pawsitively Purrfect Caturday 😽🛋️

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We have scoured the contents of the interwebs to find you some of the most oddball cattos to fill you with the feline funnies. In today's list, we have everyone from the Calvin Klein underwear sporting chonker living his best lazy life, to the kitten who has suffered quite the setback but is ready for a shocking comeback, to the silly sphinx cat who almost got his pawrent evicted, to the kitten who permanently has bite mode activated when he is awake. These strange cats are the pawfect way to shake things up and get ready for the work week.

Do all cats have a whiskery sense of humor, or is there always a pair where one is a goofball, and the other a grump? Most kitties are spoiled goofballs, and they don't even know it. They probably just assume that life is really easy. So is it any wonder that hoomans are the real grumps? We think it's purrfectly understandable. Scroll down for some real cuties who are doing run-of-the-mill, silly cat things. You know, silly shenanigans and all that jazz.

Encountering a 'not my cat' is a uniquely charming experience. It's heartwarming– a sense of being chosen and esteemed as the feline's favorite haven. Now go ahead and indulge in the delightful chronicles of these whimsical "not my cat" moments – a series that captures the evolution from a transient visitor to an endearing companion.

Check your whimsical whisker wisdom with these furbulous feline trivia questions ⬇️

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How did you do? Be sure to check next week for more cat content and have an ameowzing weekend!