Feline Funnies To Purrfect Your Caturday 😹👀

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You answered, and we listened!

Last week we asked you what you wanted to see more of in our purrfectly funny newsletter, and the results were overwhelmingly pawsitive! A lot of you said you wanted to see more funny pictures of cats, so get ready to pounce into a treasure trove of silly cats and funny felines below 😹⬇️

There is no cat sillier than an orange one, no cat that can be simultaneously awkward and adorable, or get themselves into the most ridiculous shenanigans like an orang one can. This is why they are the best, because they always keep you on your toes and you truly never know what they're going to do next. Click below to see some hissterical pictures of awkward cats, specially ordered from the orange cat factory!

These furbulously funny cat memes are sure to get you through Caturday, your errands, and help transport you safely back to your bed at the end of the day where you belong. We can't stay in bed every day (even though we wish we could), but it does make the times that we get to go back and snuggle with our fur babies that much sweeter. Until then, enjoy!

Hey, friends! Today we are shining our famous ICanHasCheezburger spotlight on a beautiful Reddit story featuring a cute kitty cat choosing a human to become his/her own. And yes, a cat can adopt a human and not the other way around. Though, usually the human comes around in the end. When a cat chooses you, it means you've won the ultimate feline seal of approval! It's like being picked as the VIP in their social circle. They see something in you—maybe it's your vibe, your energy, or simply your warmth—and decide, "Yep, this human's my person." It's a purrfect bond of trust and affection. You become their go-to for cuddles, playtime, and all the snuggles. So, congrats! You're officially part of their inner circle, and that's a pretty special feeling.