Purrfect Memes & Feline Funnies To Catify Caturday 😹

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We're sitting over here on our couch, surrounded by our cats, and we can't help but feel like we want to stay here furrever. But alas, time goes on and so must we. We don't want to leave our comfy spot surrounded by our four-legged friends, but we need to start prepurring ourselves for the week ahead! There is only one thing that gets us feline fine when we're thinking about waking up on Monday meowrning, and that thing is some comedic cat snaps! We've made the purrfect concoction of feline funnies to make a catnip-like experience for even hoomans to enjoy.

This collection was curated with lots of love and a hefty dose of humor. These tweets serve as a testament to the widespread adoration and prominence of our four-legged feline friends in the vast online realm. It is not for no reason that cat memes have taken over the interwebs and continue to reign supreme as a viral internet phenomenon. Get ready to indulge in the ultimate cat tweet extravaganza, because when it comes to feline brilliance, Twitter never fails to deliver.

There really isn't anything like an orange cat. One second, they are little snug bugs, and the next thing you know, they're climbing your curtains like they are Mount Everest while screaming at you for snackies. They're a purrticular type of crazy, but we love them anyway. If you love orange cats, you're going to seriously enjoy this post, so scroll down and eat up!

Check your whimsical whisker wisdom with these furbulous feline trivia questions ⬇️

In Japanese folklore, which mythical creature is believed to bring good luck and fortune, often depicted as a cat with a raised paw?

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How did you do? Be sure to check next week for more cat content and have an ameowzing weekend!